Thursday, March 6, 2014

Panamá/Venezuela: Maduro Breaks Diplomatic Ties With Panamá for Having Democratic Convictions

According to The Latin American Tribune, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced Wednesday (March 5) that he was breaking diplomatic relations with Panamá and freezing bilateral economic links.

Maduro’s words came after the Permanent Council of the Organization of American States announced that on Thursday (March 6) it will study a request by Panamá to call a meeting of foreign ministers regarding the situation in Venezuela.
Maduro reportedly criticized the Panamanian government "for being a 'lackey' and had harsh words for President Ricardo Martinelli, whom he accused of not being “worthy of his people” and of having been “actively working against Venezuela, creating conditions so that the OAS and other organizations take a step toward intervention” in the South American country.

COMMENT: Let's now place this incredibly strange statement by Nicolás Maduro in crystal-clear transparency. 

According to the BBC, thousands of protesters in Venezuela have marched through the streets of Caracas shouting slogans against the socialist government of the late Hugo Chávez' hand-picked replacement.

Protesters have also demanded the release of dozens of activists detained since demonstrations began a month ago. 

Chávez died of cancer after 14 years in office.

"Dictatorship," read one the banners. "There is enough tear gas to make Venezuela cry," read another one.

Chávez was succeeded by Maduro, who won a tightly contested election against opposition leader Henrique Capriles in 2013, albeit a less than transparent election.  

The opposition blames the left-wing policies of the past 15 years for high inflation, the shortage of many staples and unleashed crime from a corrupt police cadre known for human rights violations, ineptness and one that protects only the "left."

Venezuela has been experiencing a wave of anti-government protests since February 12 that have led to acts of violence in which at least 19 people have died, more than 250 have been injured and hundreds have been arrested.

Reading between the lines, the only basis as to why Venezuela has broken its diplomatic ties with Panamá is because Panamanian President Ricardo Martinelli's center-right Cambio Democratico has asked for the OAS to examine events in Venezuela in the interest of regional stability.

President Martinelli is fully justified in advocating for stability in a member nation. If anything, severing diplomatic ties with Panamá rests solely in the hands of Nicolás Maduro who no doubt is nothing more than a puppet of Havana.

I fully support President Martinelli for having the support of his convictions. He is to be congratulated. Sadly, not enough Latin American states have been been as outspoken as the Panamanian president. 

For those who remember how Hugo Chávez came to power, after mobilizing a coup against a sitting democratically-elected president, and running an autocracy AKA "dictatorship," for 14 years...with few complaints from the US, EU or other developed nations.