Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Spain: Tour Bus Transporting Swiss Tourists Result in Death of One, Serious Injury to Two Others

According to http://www.eturbonews.com, a tour bus transporting 17 Swiss tourists overturned on Spain's Gran Canaria island on Monday (March 10), killing one Swiss passenger and seriously injuring two others.

Rescue services including a medical helicopter were scrambled to the scene of the accident on a road in the eastern part of the island, a spokesman said.

COMMENT: The cause of the accident and the status of others aboard the bus was unclear.

The tourists were members of a group staying at the Parador Nacional de la Cruz de Tejeda, local daily Canarias7 reported.

The Swiss tourists had planned to go hiking.

Imagine the trauma of having a tour bus overturn when you're hoping to have fun. Imagine!

Gran Canaria is a popular holiday destination that forms part of the Canary Islands archipelago lying 150 kilometers (off the northwest coast of Africa).

For years I've urged our readers to exercise caution in determining whether tour operators have in fact selected safe modes of transportation, as so many large tour buses have trouble maneuvering Old World roadways.

Increasingly, despite the additional cost, it may be safer for tourists to use two or three smaller vehicles to transport tourists, thereby increasing the safety for all.

Whenever I tragically have to report a loss of life or serious injury to visitors on tour buses, which is far, far too often, I can assure you that most foreign visitors would be happy to pay a bit more in the hope of getting to their destination in one piece.