Monday, March 17, 2014

Venezuela: Update--Air Canada Suspends Flights To/From Caracas, Carrier Commended for Its Integrity

According to The Associated Press, Air Canada says it has suspended its flights to and from Venezuela due to civil unrest.

Another key component of the Air Canada's position is the fact that commercial carriers servicing Venezuela have struggled under a $3.3 billion debt owed by the Venezuelan government. 

In a statement posted on its website Monday (March 17), Air Canada said that it can no longer ensure the safety of its operation in Venezuela which has been negatively impacted by daily street protests over out-of-control crime and a deteriorating economy for more than a month.

COMMENT: Air Canada's last flight left Caracas on Sunday (March 16). It is offering refunds to those who have purchased tickets for flights after that date.

Maduro, ever the commensurate dictator, said on Friday (March 14) that any airline that reduced or suspended flights in and out of Venezuela won't be allowed back in while he is in power.

One would have hoped that all foreign commercial airlines would have placed integrity and doing the right thing ahead of fighting over scraps, but seemingly not. 

Air Canada is to be congratulated for its moral fiber! Here! Here!