Friday, March 7, 2014

Venezuela: Update--Two More People Killed in Protests, Both Victims of Gunfire in Eastern Caracas

According to The Latin American Tribune, Venezuela’s attorney general (AG) on Thursday (March 6) reported that two more fatalities, one a police officer and one a protester, were slain in eastern Caracas.

Thus far, nineteen people have been killed during anti-government protests and 318 injured over the past three weeks, with no indication that the protests are subsiding.

Collectively, 1,103 people have been arrested.

Of the 318 injured, 217 are citizens and 81 represent law enforcement.

COMMENT:  According to Globovision, 25 indictments had been drawn up for human rights violations allegedly committed by public safety officials.

Those who have observed Caracas police engaging in human rights violations are urged to contact prosecutors rather than complaining on social networking sites.

Given the corrupt and abusive nature of most Venezuelan cops, filing complaints with prosecutors does place citizens at much greater risk of becoming victims of retribution.

She also said that 1,322 people have been brought before various courts on assorted charges. Interestingly, charges have been dropped against only 35 defendants of those 1,322.

Foreigners particularly are urged to avoid all demonstrations in Venezuela, as gunfire exchanges often occur between police and protesters.