Thursday, April 10, 2014

Bahamas: British National, 56, Shot, Killed Resisting Home Invasion on Grand Bahama

According to, Briton Edgar Dart, 56, was shot and killed by masked gunmen at 0700 hours on Tuesday (April 8) who broke into his family's home on Grand Bahama, according to Royal Bahamas Police.

COMMENT: Mr. Dart who lives in Winnipeg, Canada, was killed after he chose to struggle with the gunmen, which is never recommended.

Dart was visiting his mother in the island's Emerald Bay neighborhood when the home invasion occurred.

The three assailants tied up family members with duct tape while Dart was shot and killed during the ensuing struggle, Assistant Commissioner Emrick Seymour said.

The three assailants who reportedly were armed with a gun and a machete, are said to have stolen jewelery and other personal belongings.

Philip Poole, Dart's brother-in-law, said the gang threatened the teenage son, George, and five relatives and tied them up as Dart continued to lay on the floor dying.

He said his own son, Pip, 29, had also been attacked and left with machete wounds.

Unfortunately, it appears that Mr. Dart resisted the assailants from the onset of the home invasion, which may well have contributed to subsequent threats against the family.

Instinctive and forcible resistance against home invaders almost invariably results in greater injuries and potential death.

In my 35 years of experience as a federal agent and an international security consultant, if I were the victim of an armed home invasion I would comply fully and let them confiscate whatever they wanted as long as they harmed no one.

The gang is believed to have cut the phone lines leading to the house prior to breaking into the home and fled in a gardener's van.

As this posting is filed, no arrests have been made.

The death was the sixth murder on Grand Bahama in 2014 and 30 for all of the Bahamas, an island chain the size of the US state of California, just off the south east coast of Florida.