Thursday, April 3, 2014

Belize: Canadian Couple Raped, Robbed on Beach in Placenia

According to, Placencia police have confirmed that they are investigating a robbery and rape of a Canadian couple that occurred on the Peninsula last week (March 27).

Placencia has emerged as an increasingly popular destination on the Caribbean. For those who enjoy outdoor adventure, the Stann Creek region offers hiking opportunities through mountainous rain forests, kayaking, deep sea fishing, diving and exploring Mayan ruins. 

The Peninsula boasts sixteen miles of tranquil beaches, with a lagoon to the west and the Caribbean to the east and lots of peace and quiet in the middle. 

The couple was on the beach in Placencia on Thursday night last week when two assailants converged on the couple at gunpoint. 

COMMENT: Having surprised the couple, The assailants then raped the wife in the husband's presence.  

The husband was then ordered at gunpoint to return the couple's guest-room to retrieve all valuable electronic devices to surrender to them. Fearing for his life, and the life of his spouse, the husband fully complied.

To make matters worse, the assailants then forced the husband to make a maximum withdrawal from a nearby ATM.

The couple was then released, reported the incident to police, provided details on the assailants and promptly departed Belize the next day. Completely understandable.

If foreign crime victims are agreeable, before leaving a country they should demand to speak with a senior-level police official and negotiate their returning, in this case to Belize, at host government expense, so they can testify on behalf of the prosecution.

If foreign crime victims don't return to the country in which they have been victimized, criminals will simply be free to prey on other foreigners for years to come.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victimized Canadian couple and the devastation they were forced to endure.

Although I fully understand the intentions of romantic couples to take a peaceful walk on the beach while abroad, the reality is that strolling on a beach at night is strongly discouraged, simply because violent criminals seek out victims where they can be vulnerably found. 

Prior to formalizing any travel plans to any foreign destination, I strongly suggest that Canadian citizens go to the below link to determine the prevailing threat level in foreign countries abroad as well as country-specific security advice: