According to The Associated Press, Bermuda has denied temporary work permits to a film crew working on a documentary about the unsolved slaying of a teenage Canadian tourist in 1996.

Citing “potential reputational risks,” Home Affairs Minister Michael Fahy said over the weekend that the Canadian production team was denied permits to work in Bermuda after careful consideration. 

COMMENT: The Bermuda Tourism Ministry no doubt will be inviting some major blow-back from denying visas to a Canadian film crew on an unsolved homicide of a Canadian tourist.

Montreal-based Cineflix had planned to shoot a TV documentary about the high-profile case of Rebecca Middleton, 17, a Belleville, Ontario girl who was raped and murdered on her 17th birthday while vacationing in Bermuda.

Two men were charged in the crime, but only one with murder. The charges were later dropped for lack of evidence.

In order to deflect a decline in foreign tourism to Bermuda, it would be wise for the Bermuda Police Service (BPS) to release a well-detailed press release outlining that they left no stone "unturned" in their exhaustive efforts to identify the rape and murder of Rebecca Middleton. 

Additionally, the BPS should release the crime statistics for 1996 and the efforts police went to to identify Ms. Middleton's rapist and murderer.

Cineflix spokeswoman Vanessa Marra said in an email late Sunday (April 6) that the planned documentary will proceed, although all interviews will be conducted outside of Bermuda.