Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Brazil: 39% of Brazilian Children Either Obese, Overweight, Increase Represents 1,000% in 40 Years

According to EFE, 39% of Brazilian children are either obese or overweight, an increase of 1,000% over the past 40 years, says Brazilian researcher and physician Victor Rodríguez Matsudo, one of the authors of the International Study of Child Obesity being carried out in several countries.

Dr. Matsudo said that, according to the figures gathered in the study, physical activity performed by teenagers is greater than that by children around puberty, and the latter exercise more than kids who attend elementary school.

In his opinion, Dr. Matsudo said children ages 7-8 “are not doing anything” and so “they don’t have a pleasant experience of physical activity” and spend the whole day on the Internet because “their mothers think it’s nice that kids two-years-old know how to use it.”

COMMENT:  Matsudo said that there is a 90% probability that a sedentary child will become a sedentary adult and emphasized that “today Brazil is vying with China to be the country with the greatest weight increase per person per year.” 

Dr. Matsudo noted that citizens of Brazil are increasing in weight by an average of half a kilogram (about 1.1 pounds) per person per year, which he called “a disaster.”