Friday, April 18, 2014

Brazil: Police Strike in Salvador da Bahia Results in 21 a 24-Hour Period

According to The Latin American Tribune, the northeastern Brazilian city of Salvador  da Bahia suffered 21 murders in a 24-hour period amid a strike by Bahia state police, authorities said Thursday (April 17).

The oceanfront metropolis of Salvador, a city of two million, is set to host matches during the 2014 World Cup soccer matches that begins in June, is one of Brazil’s most dangerous cities, with 62 homicides per every 100,000 residents, according to the Brazilian Center for Latin American Studies.

Besides the rise in homicides, the first 24 hours of the police strike saw shops looted, beachgoers robbed and a nearly complete suspension of bus service in Salvador, as drivers were too scared to work, Bahia’s Public Safety Department said.

COMMENT: Bahia police went on strike late Tuesday (April 15) after the state government rejected their demand for raises, citing budget constraints.

Brazil’s federal government sent 5,000 military personnel to Bahia to maintain order during the police walkout.

Alternatively, the state government should have demanded that the cops report to work immediately or face termination on-the-spot.

A twelve-day-police strike in Bahia two years ago was accompanied by 180 homicides statewide.

Regardless of the nation, governments worldwide should, as a matter of policy, ban police strikes and terminate police officers who fail to report for duty.