Tuesday, April 22, 2014

California: Assailant, 30, Kidnaps HS Student, 16, Rapes Victim and Attempts to Set Her on Fire

According to CBS/AP, Robert Ransom, Jr., 30, has pleaded not guilty to charges that he kidnapped a 16-year-old Los Angeles girl as she walked home from school, raped her and then doused her with gasoline and attempted to set her on fire.

Robert Ransom Jr. entered pleas last week to nine felony counts. 

COMMENT: According to CBS2′s Tom Wait, the LAPD is investigating whether the rape and abduction case is linked to three homicides.

The only remotely positive news in this case is that this dastardly act is that Ransom has been remanded on a $4.2 million bond.

Prosecutors say that Ransom forced the 16-year-old girl into a van at knife-point on March 20, drove her to another location where she was raped and then drove her to an alley where she escaped before she could be set on fire.

That abduction and two others are frighteningly similar, investigators told Tom Wait.

On March 2nd, near the corner of 93rd and South Grand Avenue, a 19-year-old female was found on fire in the street. She had been bound. That victim did not survive.

Three days later, on March 5th, less than four miles away on East 50th street, 28-year-old Gisela Yauli and her son, age 1, died when a fire erupted inside their South Los Angeles home. Detectives said she had been bound before she was set on fire.

On March 20th, less than three miles from the first murder, a 16-year-old was spotted running from her abductor. A witness told police the girl had been bound and she was drenched in a flammable liquid.

“Our detectives are working night and day to try to see if this guy’s responsible for those other two cases,” said LAPD Commander Andrew Smith.

I strongly urge all parents to educate their sons and daughters that the world has an over-abundance of "bad" people who represent a clear and present danger to them.

The one gift that all parents can give their children is a suspicious nature of adults that is solely geared to keep them safe.

In 1973, while living in Silver Spring, MD, two young girls a bit older than my  own daughters, who lived in our neighborhood, were abducted at a shopping mall and remain missing to this day.

I cannot imagine the anguish that the parents of these two young girls have been forced to endure all these years. 

I'm so grateful that because of vigilant and focused parenting, my wife and I were able to see our daughters become adults and productive members of society, which I know is not the case for all parents. 

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.