Sunday, April 13, 2014

Costa Rica: US Tourist, 37, Found Shot, Killed in His Vehicle in Dominical, No Arrests, Suspects

According to, a 37-year-old US citizen was found shot and killed in his vehicle in Dominical.

The body of Jason Phillips was found in the driver’s side of his Ford pickup with the door open. Phillips had a gunshot wound to his mouth and an exit wound in the back of his head.

The victim’s young son reportedly found his father's body.

According to a report by the daily Diaro Extra, Phillips had only lived in Costa Rica for about a month.

With perhaps the most consistent waves in Costa Rica, Playa Dominical is a haven for surfers. Swimming, however, can be dangerous due to the strong riptides that are found throughout the 2.5 mile (4 kilometers) strip of beach. 

The town of Dominical is relatively small, but offers the beach-lover a wide variety of nearby beaches to choose from. Playa Dominicalito is just south of Dominical and is a great spot for beginner surfers and swimmers. 

At Punta Dominical, on the southern end of Playa Dominicalito, visitors can see lush green land merge with the rich blue Ocean. It is a great spot to watch the ocean's waves crash onto the rocky shore below and see a near perfect sunset almost year round. 

COMMENT: Mr. Phillips reportedly owned a surf shop in the area.

A photograph of the crime scene published by DIARO EXTRA seems to reveal that Phillips’ pickup crashed into a tree which could suggest that the victim was shot and killed while the assailant was in the vehicle, which mandates an intensive crime scene search.

Costa Rican police do not have a stellar record of clearing felonies through actual arrests.

One can only hope that police have done a thorough crime scene search for forensic evidence. 

Police have NOT said whether an autopsy will be performed on Mr. Phillips' body, but one can only hope that such a forensic analysis is conducted.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available

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