Friday, April 25, 2014

France: Parisian Cops Under Investigation in Alleged Rape of Canadian Tourist, 34

According to, four Paris police officers are under investigation as of Friday (April 25) after a Canadian tourist, 34, reported that at least one of the men took her back to police headquarters and raped her.

An official probe has been launched after a 34-year-old Canadian tourist reported at least one intoxicated police officer she met in a bar in central Paris took her back to police headquarters and raped her, according to the French daily, Le Parisien
The victim, originally from Toronto, and reportedly the daughter of a Canadian police chief, was in Paris for a two-week holiday when she claims she ran into some officers at a watering hole some time late on Tuesday (April 22). 

COMMENT: With few exceptions, an outnumbered victim does not bode well against four intoxicated police officers who hopefully were off-duty. 

If the officers weren't off-duty, that further complicates the matter.

One must assume that the alleged Canadian victim had to have fast-forwarded  the possibility that the night potentially end very badly.

The victim agreed to go to police headquarters, but had to have considered how the evening might end, although how much alcohol she had consumed may have impaired her judgment. 

French media reports are unclear that the pub was either in the 5th arrondissement or one in the neighboring 7th arrondissement.
After chatting for a bit with the men she alleges she was invited to visit the headquarters at 36 Quai des Orfèvres, a historic building in France that has provided inspiration for endless crime writers and TV shows. 

Some reports indicate that the victim may herself be a police officer in Canada, although this has not been confirmed.
The Canadian says the officers, who include a captain belonging to an elite anti-gang unit, sexually assaulted her in an office at the headquarters. 

The officers have all denied any sexual contact with the victim, according to AFP.
A short time later the hysterical woman was found near police headquarters by officers directing traffic. 
Four officers were being held for questioning on Friday and internal affairs investigators have launched a probe into the allegations. 
Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve was forced to weigh in on the allegations and vowed to take "all the necessary measures" if the accusation against the four officers is proven.