Monday, April 28, 2014

France: Update--Date Alleged Canadian Rape Victim Was Examined Will Determine Who Goes to Jail

According to Oye Times, three police officers of an elite anti-gang unit at 36 Quai des Orfèvres  have been arrested for allegedly raping a Canadian woman at their Paris police headquarters. 

Media reports say that the 34-year-old Toronto woman is the daughter of a Canadian police officer and may be a police officer herself.

Reportedly, the woman met the four police officers at a pub on Tuesday night (April 22) and then visited the unit’s headquarters thereafter.   

COMMENT: What was unknown until now is that investigators have ordered a forensic examination of the alleged victim, although at this late date it is very unlikely that such an examination and collection of DNA will bear any conclusive fruit.

The alleged rape victim should have been examined immediately following the alleged attack, now some six days ago. 

According to the lawyer of one of the accused, Sébastien Schapira, the men admit that consensual sex took place on Tuesday night, but "hotly contest" that the women was raped. 

The Interior Minister asked the public to “draw all the conclusions” if the accusations are proved in court and highlighted that a disciplinary inquiry has already begun work on the allegations.

Several sources at the Interior Ministry have assured that even if the rape charges do not hold up in court, visiting the police headquarter building after an evening of drinking would mandate a disciplinary hearing, as if "unauthorized access" lets the cops off the hook.

In other words, the thin blue line" has closed ranks on the alleged victim.

If the alleged victim was only recently examined by a physician, it is unlikely that DNA analysis will still be on or in the victim, but, of course, the accused cops already knew that.