Monday, April 14, 2014

Global Impact: UK's Millionaire Andy Bush, 48, Murdered by Ex-Girlfriend, 24, Who Fled to Slovakia

According to The Malaysian Chronicle and The Daily Mail, everything in the 48-year-old Briton Andy Bush's life centered around his being surrounded by trophy women half his age.

Admittedly, despite his having millions of British pounds and a luxury villa on the Costa Del Sol, Andy could not severe his relationship with Kukucova before she snapped.

Last week’s brutal murder of the flamboyant Bush and the arrest of his ex-girlfriend Slovakian Mayka Kukucova, 24, after he arrived at his £1.5 million (US$2,508,500) property in Estepona, Spain, in the presence of his new Russian girlfriend, María Korotaeva, 21, the latter of whom witnessed the homicide. 

Kukucova, after shooting Bush in the head in front of Korotaeva, the jealous ex-girlfriend drove 2,000 miles to her native Slovakia where she surrendered to police.

Bush’s family paint a disturbing picture of Kukucova as an irrational woman whose jealous rages destroyed her relationship with Andy Bush. 

COMMENT: It appears that because of his incredible financial success, Mr. Bush was compelled to always have a woman in his life half his age. 

Perhaps it was this obsession that  led Mayka Kukucova to shoot and kill Bush in the presence of  María Korotaeva. Then, again, perhaps not. 

As I have said so often in the past, "In our day-to-day lives, we encounter mentally ill people every day that potentially place us at risk." 

Given Mr. Bush's need to have a trophy woman constantly in his life may very well have been a contributing factor in his tragic death. 

The true art of it all is knowing when to report potentially dangerous people to the police that we may encounter in our lives that are sending out indicators that may be a precursor to a capacity for violence. 

In Andy Bush's case, because of his immense wealth and his innate ability to need young women in his life, it would have been very appropriate for him to meet with Spanish police and ask them to assess Kukucova's potential for violence. 

Moreover, Mr. Bush should have considered hiring experienced, professional bodyguards to keep him safe, yet Bush's romantic lifestyle may have rendered that very difficult at best. 

Bush’s 19-year-old daughter, Ellie, and Bush's sister, Rachel, 42, revealed to THE DAILY MAIL the inside story of the millionaire’s turbulent relationship with Mayka Kukucova. 

Ellie, who worked for her father in his small empire of shops around Bristol, said Kukucova was extremely insecure and could not control her anger.

Daughter Ellie claimed Kukucova was obsessed with her father and would follow him to make sure he was not cheating on her.

Bush began dating Kukucova in 2012 when she got a job as an assistant in one of his gold trading shops in Bristol.

Ellie, Andy's daughter, 19, said: "She was always worried about him being with other women." She added that Kukucova would throw tantrums on the shop floor, check computers Andy Bush had used and go through his phone messages."

As police continue to interview Mayka Kukucova over the death of Andy Bush in Spain last week, his daughter Ellie Bush gave a chilling glimpse of how far her father's ex-girlfriend was prepared to go, including homicide. 

Ellie and Rachel Bush, Andy's sister, 42, told THE DAILY MAIL the inside story of the millionaire's turbulent relationship with the Slovakian model.

Kukucova reportedly admitted shooting Mr Bush in the head soon after he arrived back at his £1.5million villa in Estepona, Spain in the presence of his new Russian girlfriend, Maria Korotaeva, who had just turned 21. 

Andy Bush’s sister, Rachel, who also worked in his business ventures said: ‘It got to the stage where Andy had to ask Mayka to find a new job because her anger became uncontrollable. She would come in the shop and create big scenes, shouting in front of the staff. 

Towards the end a trip to Dubai, Kukucova also destroyed Andy's laptop in a temper rage.  Rachel said: ‘She stamped all over it. Then she put it underneath a tap and put it back in the case."

The day that Mayka Kukucova waited for Andy to return to his villa, she shot and killed him before fleeing in his £60,000 (US$100,340) Hummer. She then surrendered herself to police in Slovakia, more than 2,000 miles away. 

It still doesn't feel real'Ms Kukucova was arrested after giving herself up to police in her home town of Nova Bosaca in Slovakia. The town is 3,102km (1,928 miles) from the crime scene in Estepona, Spain.

In October 2013, Andy Bush finally broke up with Kukucova, soon replacing her with an even younger model, Maria Korotaeva, a student he had met in Bristol.

Within a short time, Maria, too, had taken to the Internet to boast of her devotion to Bush on the social networking sites Instagram and Facebook. 

Ellie rightfully believes it was these messages that pushed Kukucova over the edge and led her to conceive a plan to confront Andy Bush with his new girlfriend, when the couple arrived at his Spanish villa.

According to Maria, Bush found Kukucova lying in wait and shot him twice before fleeing in his £60,000 Hummer. 

Kukucova’s extradition from Slovakia to Spain is expected imminently.