Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Global Impact: Update--Andy Bush, 48, Carrying £6,000 When Shot, Killed by Ex-Girlfriend, 24

According to, British gold dealer Andy Bush, 48, was carrying more than £6,000 (US$10,032.40) in cash when he was gunned down by his ex-girlfriend Mayka Kukucova, 24, on April 5, who had waited for him and his new girlfriend, Masha Korotaeva, 21,  to arrive at Bush's Spanish villa in Estepona. 

COMMENT: Fortunately, Ms. Korotaeva was not harmed in the shooting death, even though she was present when Mr. Bush was shot and killed.  

Estepona is a town and municipality in the comarca of the Costa del Sol, in southern Spain. It is located in the province of Málaga, part of the autonomous community of Andalusia. 

The UK-based SUN newspaper claims that the Spanish police have ruled out robbery as a motive for the attack, largely because Bush was carrying £6,000 pounds as well as a high denomination of euros notes when he was found dead in his five-bedroom property.

Bush's assailant Mayka Kukucova, 24, is alleged to have fled the crime scene in Bush's Hummer vehicle, driving 2,000 miles to her home in Slovakia, where she surrendered herself to authorities.

Bush and Korotaeva reportedly had flown to his Costa del Sol mansion to celebrate five months together and is said to have purchased a £10,000 engagement ring.

This case is not without tragedy that touched so many lives, including daughter, Ellie, 19, as well as the rest of the Bush family, not to mention the young lives of Kukuova and Korotaeva.

Sometimes, having too much disposable income and a belief system that compels one to  be attracted to trophy women half the victim's age, can adversely impact on far too many lives...forever.