Monday, April 28, 2014

India: Dead Body of Kidnapped Boy, 12, Found, Abductor Was An Employee of Boy's Father

According to The Times of India, the kidnapped body of a 12-year-old boy was found in Kaylan on Sunday (April 27). Tragically, the youngster had been strangled and his body severed with an electric saw.

The victim's name was Rohan Gucchait, the son of a local jeweler. Ironically, the kidnapper,  Ishtiyaq Sayyed Shaikh,  who actually worked for the boy's father, led the abduction.

The boy's father seemingly failed to take the ransom demand serious, an action that resulted in his son's brutal death, a cross he will bear for the rest of his life.  
                 On April 17, Shaikh called the boy, telling him he was wanted at his father's shop. They left the area where they were and waited close to a nearby flour mill, where Shaikh received confirmation from his accomplices about their readiness for the abduction.  At approximately 1430 hours, Shaikh's accomplices, numbering four, waited in a steel grey Maruti 800 parked close to an electrical goods shop. The five assailants put the boy in the car and drove off.
At 1600 hours, after searching the entire locality, along with friends and relatives, went to the Bazaarpeth police station to lodge a missing person's case. The police registered the case at 2300. 
  At 1300 hours the next day, April 18, Rohan's parents got a call from one of Shaikh's accomplices, who demanded Rs. 50 lakh for the release of their son. The caller warned them against lodging a police complaint.                                                                                                                                                              COMMENT: Shaikh, since he was well-known to the family, easily was aware the the family had contacted the police.  The same night, he and his accomplices killed the boy and dumped his body parts at three locations, all within a 50-100-meter radius of a local market.
During April 21 and 25, police found the boy's legs, but didn't connect the finding with the missing person's case. Also, the abductors called Rohan's parents twice to demand a ransom payment of 50 Lakh (US$82,485).
When his mother asked the callers to make him speak with her, but she disconnected the call.
During their investigation, police learned that Shaikh had stopped visiting the Gucchait residence. On April 26, based upon input from informants, Shaikh's call history and CCTV footage resulted in the police arresting him and his accomplices.
   In time, Shaikh gave up his charade and confessed to the crime. At 0300 on Sunday, April 27, he led the police to an area where the boy's head and torso had been dumped.

Shaikh also took police to his brother-in-law's flat in Sarvodaya Park, near the APMC flower market in Kalyan, where Rohan was kept and then killed.