Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Israel: South African Tourist Dies from Allergic Reaction to Tahini

According to, South African tourist Lydia Lavoshan, age unknown, tragically died on Tuesday (April 1) in Jerusalem, after having a lethal allergic reaction to tahini, a Middle Eastern sesame paste.

Lavoshan seemingly was unaware that tahini was made of sesame, a food she was deathly allergic to. 

COMMENT: For those of our readers who have been following this blog's postings for years know all too well that that I strongly urge that all foreign travelers obtain a physical examination before departure that should include a review of all foods that they are allergic to, particularly life-threatening food allergies.

Any foreign traveler, regardless of nationality, should fully be cognizant as to what food allergies could be life-threatening.

Tragically, Ms. Lavoshan must have possessed critical medical information that resulted in her death being victim-precipitated.  

I always encourage members of the media to include the age of victims, largely so that readers can determine the experience level of those who have life-threatening food allergies.

Ms. Lavoshan reportedly ordered a fish dish served with the local paste at a Jerusalem restaurant, and within minutes of tasting the Tahini had an extreme allergic reaction leaving her unconscious.

Paramedics rushed to the restaurant and endeavored to resuscitate the victim, soon afterwards, evacuating her to Shaarei Tzedek Hospital's ER.

Hospital struggled to save the unconscious tourist for several days, but eventually the allergic reaction could not be neutralized. She was pronounced dead on Tuesday (April 1) after having lost all brain activity.

Lavoshan's family, who came to Israel for in an effort to save her life, eventually agreed to have her organs donated to patients in need.