Friday, April 4, 2014

Louisiana: Vagrant Converges on Canadian Teen Group, Chaperone Assaulted

According to, Canadian Dianne Honoré has been giving haunted history tours in the French Quarter for years, but she said what happened to her tour group Wednesday (April 2) was much more frightening.

Ms. Honoré related that her group of youngsters were seemingly attacked by a vagrant near Jackson Square.

"He actually grabbed several of them," Honoré said. "He actually put his arms around several of the kids in the group. They got away from him....he kept trying to grab at some of the others. Finally, he accosted one of the chaperones, who had to physically fight him off."

The tour was a group of teenagers and chaperones from Canada. Honoré said she's had run-ins with street people before, but never this severe.

COMMENT:  As a primer on the current security threat in New Orleans, please review the below link:

"Something like this, where they have gotten this physical, in the past, I have had them come up and get in my face, very demanding, very rude, even while I was speaking, trying to give a tour," she said.

Fortunately, Honoré called 9-1-1 and police promptly responded. 

Honoré has written a letter to city leaders, hoping they will take action.

That being said, New Orleans police officers are leaving the Big Easy in large numbers, placing visitors to the city at even greater risk.  

"Some of the streets in the French Quarter you don't even want to go down anymore because there are so many of them. Typically, they travel with dogs, which makes it very difficult to walk down the street," she said.