Thursday, April 10, 2014

México: German National Arrested in Mérida for Non-Payment of Alimony, Turned to Alcoholism

According to The Yucatan Times, German national Adalbeth Kerekes, age unknown, was arrested in Mérida by the Ministerial Police for owing 448,000 pesos (US$34,333.70) to his Mexican wife, María Josefina Contla Marrufo for alimony, that has not been paid since 2004.

Kerekes’ arrest warrant was issued by the Second Criminal Court on charges of breach of the obligations of family assistance.

Reportedly, the couple were married on July 20, 1996 in Germany, where they lived for six years and then decided to return to México.

Yet, in June 2004, the couple separated largely because Kerekes turned to alcohol and became an adulterer.

Since then, Ms. Contla Marrufo stopped receiving $1,000 pesos (US$76.63) weekly that Kereke used to give her for her support because she was unemployed. 

COMMENT: Kerekes apparently refused to divorce his wife seemingly because he would lose his Mexican citizenship.

When filing the preliminary statement, Kerekes declined his right to have the German Consulate advised of his arrest and to send him an attorney of that nationality. He alternatively decided to be defended by a Mexican attorney.

Adalbeth Kerekes said that when he and his wife were both working in Germany, each covered their own expenses, but then Ms. Contla Marrufo returned to México in September 2002 and returned to live in Mérida.

In December 2002, Kerekes returned to Mérida, although the couple was no longer living together. 

Mr. Kerekes said that his ex-wife is a school teacher seems to believe that she can find her own job.  It is very doubtful that any Mexican court will give him a break.

When the Second Criminal Court notified the National Migration Institute of  Kerekes' arrest, in order to verify his legal status in México.

Kerekes seems to not fully understand that he is on the hook to owe his ex-wife 448,000 or US$34,333.70 of unpaid alimony.

Sadly, Kerekes followed his ex-wife to Mérida.

Kerekes' first bad choice was moving back to Mérida, where he has now been arrested and faces a court-ordered debt of $34,333.70. He should have remained in Germany.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.