Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Philippines: South Korean Student, Kidnapped a Month Ago, Discovered Dead in Manila

According to, a South Korean student, age unknown, who was kidnapped a month ago in Manila, was found dead yesterday (April 8).

While this was the first known case of a South Korean studying in Manila being abducted and killed, it was the fourth murder of a South Korean in the Philippines thus far this year.

The unnamed female student went missing after she caught a taxi in Pasay City in Metro Manila on March 3, while on her way to meet a friend, according to a South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The abductors contacted the friend via phone and text messages afterward, demanding a large ransom, although the sum of the demand was never mentioned.

COMMENT: The above being said, the kidnappers failed to respond to police requests that the young woman was alive and well.

One of the suspected kidnappers was arrested by Manila Metro police late Tuesday evening (April 8). 

Police later discovered the decomposing body of the young woman in the kidnappers’ hideout. Exact details of her death have not been released. The victim was identified by her clothing.

The woman’s younger brother, who was also in the Philippines, attempted to identify his sister, but was unable to do so because her body was so badly decomposed. 

Police requested a DNA test and dental examination. The abduction, which took place over a month ago, was not reported as authorities were trying to free the kidnap victim.

Local police said there appeared to have been at least three kidnappers, including the taxi driver abductor.

A month ago, Philippine authorities said they found the corpse of another suspect who may have been involved in the student’s abduction.

Korean officials have worked closely with the police in Manila. A South Korean police officer was promptly dispatched to Manila.

Since 2009, there have been 40 Koreans killed in the Philippines as Koreans have poured into the country to start businesses, study English and play golf. 

Between 2009 and 2013, 44% of some 160 murder cases of Korean nationals abroad occurred in the Philippines, according to the Foreign Ministry. 

In 2010, the Korean government pushed for the establishment of a South Korean Desk under the Philippine National Police (PNP) to handle crimes involving Koreans.

On Sunday (April 6), a 45-year-old South Korean business owner by the name of Shin was fatally shot while eating dinner with his family at an outdoor restaurant in Angeles City, a tourist city north of Manila, by an unknown gunman who escaped on a motorcycle.

In February 2014, a 65-year-old Korean tourist was also fatally shot in Angeles City by unidentified motorcyclists.

Last year, thirteen Koreans, mostly small business owners, were killed in the Philippines, and there were several attempted murders. The crimes usually involved robbery or pertained to some form of business dispute.

According to the South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs, there are some 80,000 Koreans residing in the Philippines, of which 30,000 are students.

Our readers should know that South Koreans have been targeted in the Philippines for years, as the Korean population has risen dramatically.

Unfortunately, until such time as  the PNP begins clearing cases of South Korean victims, regardless of the causation, the South Koreans will begin to leave until such time as case clearance becomes a priority.