Thursday, April 24, 2014

Spain: Scotsman, 45, Survives "Spiking" of Drink, Severe Beating, Robbery in Puerto Banus

According to, Alan Tait, 45, who co-hosts "The Golf Show" on Radio Scotland, says that someone "spiked" his drink at a Puerto Banus bar just hours after he arrived in Spain for a three-day golf break with friends.

Subsequently, Mr. Tait was forced to endure a ten-hour nightmare whereby he was brutally  assaulted and left for dead in Puerto Banus last Friday (April 18).

Tait was reportedly left in a "coma-like state" in a back-alley by an organized crime gang while staying at the popular tourist destination.

COMMENT: As I have said so often in the past, "there are no "safe" countries."

Consequently, it is essential that all travelers have a strong sense of personal security awareness and a healthy suspicion of strangers.

The thugs led Alan away from his friends, beat him, and stole all his money, including £150 in cash and some 500 Euros (roughly US$943), as well as his mobile and watch.

Alan considers himself "lucky" that he was left with his passport.

Mr. Tait woke up on a backstreet with cuts and bruises to his head and face. He managed to convince a taxi driver to take him straight to Malaga Airport, where he reported his "Bienvenido a España" to police.

Spanish police later told Alan that he had probably been drugged with a horse tranquilizer known as ketamine.

Police told Alan that they hear about such attacks all the time, but frequently see actual victims.

There are two useful tips I can offer:

1. NEVER carry more than US$100 on your person, unless you need it for a specific reason; and

2. Guard your drink like a "hawk" in all drinking establishments as the "spiking" of drinks is an "art-form" everywhere. 

If you go to the restroom, take your drink with you or simply order another drink!