Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Sri Lanka: Be Cautious Before You Select a Tattoo That Will Remain with You...Forever

According to http://www.express.co.uk, British national Naomi Michelle Coleman, 37, was arrested at Bandaranaike International Airport in the capital of Colombo, after she arrived from India, because she had a large tattoo on her arm for "hurting others' religious feelings" after the tattoo of a Buddha seated on a lotus flower was spotted on her right arm.

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Buddhism is the religion of the country's majority ethnic Sinhalese and Buddhist tattoos are seen as culturally insensitive. 

After her arrest Coleman appeared before a magistrate whereby who her deportation from Sri Lanka was ordered. 

COMMENT: The spokesman said that Coleman is currently being held at an immigration detention center pending deportation. 

Indeed, cultural sensitivity can go a long way to keeping all travelers from the clutches of foreign cops.

British tourist Antony Ratcliffe was reportedly deported for having a Buddha tattoo on his arm in March 2013:

See http://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-21820476

In 2011, Thailand's Culture Ministry said foreign tourists in Sri Lanka should be barred from getting tattoos of Buddha during their holidays because the practice was culturally insensitive.

Even though the Sengalese-American R and B, hip-hop star, Akon, 41, was ranked in in the Forbes Celebrity 100 in 2010 and 5th in the 40 Most Powerful Celebrities in Africa list in 2011, he was refused a Sri Lankan visa in 2010.

Moreover, he had to apologize to Sri Lankan Buddhists after his video, "Sexy Chick," featured a pool party in front of a Buddha statue, caused offense and protests throughout the nation.