Saturday, April 19, 2014

Turkey: Japanese Embassy Officially Complains About Insecurity of Japanese Tourists

According to, Japanese Embassy officials in Ankara have expressed concern over the safety of Japanese visitors to Turkey following the rape and robbery of a Japanese tourist in Ankara last week.

The Japanese tourist was raped and robbed by two assailants during a visit to Ankara Castle.  The alleged assailants have been captured and arrested, but Japanese diplomats in the capital have reportedly expressed concern over the second attack on Japanese tourists in less than a year.

The tourist saw two young men and approached them to ask for directions. The two were allegedly disoriented on illegal drugs and failed to understand her question; They followed the tourist inside Ankara Castle, where there apparently no security guards posted.

COMMENT: In a peculiar development, the government has seemingly removed 15,000 police officers nationwide in a staffing change that has not been well-explained.

In response to serious graft allegations raised against his government in 2013, PM Recep Tayyip Erdoğan accused of conspiring against his administration. 

The attack at Ankara Castle has also made concessionaires very uncomfortable.

While riding bicycles in Zemi Valley in the central Turkish city of Nevşehir in September 2013, two  young Japanese women, both 22, were attacked and stabbed by unidentified assailants. 

Hoshie Teramatsu, who was severely wounded, was discovered by other tourists and taken to the hospital. 

Teramatsu's travel-mate, Mai Kurkihara, died of her injuries at the scene of the attack. One of the Japanese women had also been sexually assaulted:

For Japanese linguists see:

It is acknowledged that while the US Department of State has described the criminal threat in Turkey as low, the threat analysis of the Embassy of Japan in Ankara and the consulates in Istanbul and Adana may understandably differ widely.