Tuesday, April 8, 2014

UK: Update--Hammer Attack at London's Cumberland Hotel, Double Checking All Locked Doors Essential

According to The Associated Press, the Metropolitan Police has generated a nationwide manhunt in search of an assailant who entered an unlocked guest-suite door at London's Cumberland Hotel at approximately 0200 hours of Sunday (April 6) and attacked three adults of an Emirari family with a hammer when he realized they had awoken.

Police force said Monday (April 7) that all three women suffered head and facial injuries. One is in critical condition in a hospital, while the others are in serious but non- life-threatening condition.

The women, all in their 30s, and three children were asleep in adjoining rooms on the seventh floor of the Cumberland. When the women awoke thereby disturbed the intruder, a hammer found at the scene was used to repel them.

COMMENT: According to police, the assailant entered the suite through a door that was unlocked at the time, presumably left by a child.

Detective Supt. Carl Mehta said "early indications are that theft appears to be the motive." He appealed for witnesses to come forward if they had seen a man leaving the hotel with bloody clothes.

Unfortunately, guest-suites are particularly difficult vulnerable, considering that multiple entrances/exits are often used. When you add the dimension of young children, who are forgetful, it becomes incumbent on adults to ensure that only one entry door is principally used and that it be locked at all times. 

Alternatively, in lieu of a suite, I typically suggest that guests use two guest-rooms with adults in both for added security.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.