Monday, April 14, 2014

Venezuela: Update-- Kidnapped Globovision Journalist Released, Attends New Conference with Interior Minister

According to, a Venezuelan journalist was freed Monday (April 14), eight days after she was kidnapped by masked gunmen in front of her family's home.

Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez Torres told a news conference that an estimated 3,000 people had been looking for female journalist Nairobi Pinto, chief correspondent for the Globovision television station.

COMMENT: Considering that Ms. Pinto was released today, it is uncertain to determine the motive behind Pinto's abduction and whether any ransom had been paid.

According to police, no suspects have been arrested.

Rodriguez Torres said officials have not wanted to speculate about a motive for the kidnapping, although he noted that Pinto is a law school student and a devote Christian as well as being a journalist. 

While kidnapping for ransom is a serious problem in Venezuela, Pinto's family said earlier that they have received no messages from the abductors.

Pinto herself appeared briefly alongside the Interior Minister and said she could not identify her captors because her eyes were always covered.

"They treated me well. They never touched me, never mistreated me. I ate all three meals daily," she emphasized.

As with most kidnapping cases, particularly when the motive is unknown, presumably until such time as the kidnappers are arrested and/or taken into custody, we may not know more until such time as  the government makes an additional statement.

Three gunmen in masks seized Pinto in front of her home in Caracas on April 6.

Ms. Pinto was reportedly released at a hospital in the town of Cua, which is situated some 60 miles (or 100 kilometers) from Caracas. 

This report will be updated as new information is released.