Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Venezuela: Update--Kidnapping of Globovision's Pinto May Have Been Politically Motivated

According to The Latin American Tribune, Globovision journalist Nairobi Pinto, rescued by Venezuelan police on Monday (April 14) after being kidnapped eight days ago, said at a press conference that she was not mistreated while she was in captivity.
Pinto, head of news reporting for Globovision television, said during a joint press conference with Interior Minister Miguel Rodríguez that after being kidnapped on April 6 from the home of her parents by two masked gunmen. 

Ms. Pinto was not mistreated or harmed in any way, her abductors did not speak during her captivity. She was blindfolded at all times.

COMMENT: Even though that the Venezuelan government initially ruled out that the kidnapping was not politically motivated, there is increasing speculation that the journalist's abduction may have been motivated by politics.

Seemingly, the government's press conferences offers little to no details in terms of what the purpose of Pinto's kidnapping actually was.