Thursday, May 1, 2014

Argentina: Update--Arrested Suspect in Heyward Homicide Released, Unlikely That Assailants Will Be Brought to Justice

According to The New Zealand Herald, a suspect in the murder of New Zealander Nicolas Heyward, 31, which occurred on Monday (April 26) when two teenagers on a motorcycle shot the Kiwi four times with a .22 caliber pistol, killing him instantly.

As I have often reminded our readers, I strongly urge against all travelers resisting all larceny and armed robbery situations, largely because it is never known whether street criminals are armed with a handgun.

Please think about it for a moment: If you were in the business of robbing folks, you would have to have a contingency plan for victims who resisted. That means you would have to have plan to kill people.

A man arrested over the shooting of New Zealander Nicholas Heyward is set to be released, local media report.

Heyward, 31, was killed on Monday by motorcycle bandits who shot him four times.

He died in the arms of his friends, while the assailants fled into the suburbs west of Mendoza.

The would-be suspect is set to be released because neither of the surviving witnesses to the shooting recognized him, El Sol Online reports. 

COMMENT: Argentine police were under immense pressure to make an arrest before the two friends who were with Heyward leave the country.

Heyward, and his two friends, an Australian woman and a Frenchman, arrived in Mendoza on Sunday after traveling north from another Andean Argentine town, Bariloche.

The trio, who are believed to have been in Argentina for three weeks, were approached by two young men on a motorcycle.

As I have said so often in the past, street criminals hate to go away empty-handed.

The assailants fired five shots, four of which hit Hayward's abdomen, chest and neck:


Heyward, a trained physiotherapist, is understood to have been on holiday, traveling in Chile, Argentina and Perú, where he had hoped to go rock-climbing.

A protest is scheduled for Saturday to demand more policing of Parque de San Martín following Nick Heyward's death on Monday.