Monday, May 12, 2014

Australia: Geelong Female Assaults German Tourist, 72, Who was 70% Disabled from a Stroke

According to, Australian Jacqueline Brennan, age unknown, reportedly assaulted a German tourist, 72, who was 70% disabled from a stroke on February 7.

From what police have said, Brennan, who has a history of substance abuse, thought the German senior was behaving inappropriately at the beach, which was the basis of the assault.
Brennan pleaded guilty in Geelong Magistrates’ Court (May 11) to a charge of unlawful assault.

Leading Senior Constable David Vanderpol said the victim, an elderly German tourist, was recovering from a massive stroke when he attended Torquay Beach with a friend on February 7.

While his friend was swimming, Brennan approached the victim and started yelling and swearing at him, claiming he had his hand on his crotch.

“As the victim made his way from the beach, Brennan pushed him off a ramp causing him to fall one-and-a-half meters (5 feet) to the beach below," the Senior Constable reported. 

COMMENT: As I have said so often in the past, many folks we encounter each day are often seemingly impaired by alcohol, illegal substances or may even be suffering from diagnosable mental illness which is why I urge all of our readers to be prepared for abnormal behavior no matter where they happen to be.

In being prepared, particularly if we are in the company of those who are unable to protect themselves, we can at least proactively minimize risks to all concerned.

The prosecutor said Brennan then went down to the victim and stood over him, yelling until others came to the victim’s aid and helped him up.

“The victim suffered grazing to his back and sore ribs as a result of the attack,” Senior Constable Vanderpol said.

“When interviewed, Brennan made full admissions to the assault claiming she thought the victim had his hand down his pants.”

Mary Foley, attorney for Brennan, said her client was now off ice (methamphetamine) and was progressing well with counseling.

Foley opposed the suggestion of a Community Corrections Order to provide Brennan with a more structured approach to help get her off alcohol and other illegal substances.

“She has one prior and this is her first for assault,” Foley said.

The lawyer asked that sentencing be deferred so that a further report could be obtained from Brennan’s counselor.

Sentencing was deferred till August 2014.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.