Sunday, May 18, 2014

Colombia: Medellín-Based Tech Company Succeeding by Taking Simulators to Professional Pilots, Drivers

According to The Latin American Tribune, technology company, Kirvit, based in Medellín, recently unveiled at the just-concluded 13th Expotransport Fair a vehicle simulator for drivers that will allow them to improve their skills and abilities to deal with different situations on the highway.

Kirvit is a company that has been developing technology for the past 13 years. Its commercial line also includes flight simulators used for training members of the armed forces and commercial pilots.

According to Kirvit CEO Gabriel Castillo, the new system “seeks to aid society with technological tools capable of meeting the need to professionalize drivers.”

Castillo said that by using the simulator, “the accident rate” can be significantly reduced while “improving traffic flow.”

COMMENT: The simulator recreates three types of vehicles: light vehicles, urban transport buses, and C2s, which are heavy transport vehicles.
Castillo said they currently have four simulators and a mobile unit that are being taken all over the country, because “the idea is to take it to the driver” since “it’s not easy for them to leave their work areas and go to some classrooms for training.”

The company was able to train last year close to 250 drivers of heavy-cargo vehicles at their own workplace.