Thursday, May 22, 2014

Global Impact: Update--80 USAF Techs Deployed to Chad as Drone Usage Expands

According to The Associated Press, eighty US Air Force personnel have arrived in Chad and have begun their mission to help locate nearly 300 schoolgirls kidnapped in neighboring Nigeria, a US military spokesman said Thursday (May 22).

The girls and young women were kidnapped on April 15 from a school in the northeast Nigerian town of Chibok by the terror group, Boko Haram, whose objective it is to establish sharia law nationwide.
The group's leader has threatened to sell most of the estimated 276 schoolgirls still being held into slavery unless the Nigerian government releases detained militants. Reports say some girls were taken across borders into Chad and Cameroon.

COMMENT: I am fully cognizant that the foreign advisers (including the UK, US, France, China, Israel and INTERPOL have been deployed only for three weeks, yet my concern is focused on what Nigeria itself has actually accomplished to locate the 276 school-girls?

Have the foreign advisers even asked what President Jonathan's government is actually doing, or, are they leaving it up to the foreigners exclusively, so that the foreign governments who are helping can be blamed when the girls are never found?

As has so often been said, "Trust, but verify and turn over all rocks." 

It is understandable that the foreign advisers have said little about their activities. Actually, they've already said far too much.

No reference has also been made by any of the foreign governments who are offering help as to how long the advisers will be assigned in Sub-Saharan Africa?

My fear is while the the Obama Administration is proposing unprecedented and drastic cuts in defense spending that will bring US military strength to pre-World War II levels, it is ludicrous for Mrs. Obama to be adding to military missions without every clarifying what US interests are actually at risk?

Young girls and women worldwide are being attacked, raped, sexually assaulted and are victims of incest DAILY. Who speaks for them?

Given media reports that as many as forty or more US veterans may have died because they were waiting for critical medical care caused by a criminal conspiracy to "cook the books" on waiting lists, President Obama seems to be an unengaged President.

Hopefully, with both sides of the political aisle critical of the President's performance, what will it actually take for Mr. Obama to act definitively?

Chad is roughly three times the size of the US state of California whereas Cameroon is slightly larger than California.  

President Barack Obama told Congress in a letter Wednesday (May 21) about the deployment. Obama said the service members will help with intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft for missions over northern Nigeria and in adjacent countries.

The new flights will be based out of Chad and allow the military to expand its search. Initially the flights were largely over Nigeria.