Monday, May 5, 2014

Jamaica: US Tourist, 30, Beaten, Robbed by Assailants in Ocho Rios, Laptop, Smartphone, Wallet Stolen

According to The Jamaica Star, US tourist Sean Mascarenhas, 30, hailing from the US state of Oregon, where he works as a real estate developer, was reportedly assaulted, beaten and robbed last week in Ocho Rios, St. Ann, by four local assailants. 

The Star reports that at approximately 2000 hours, Mr. Mascarenhas was assaulted while walking through a resort town on his way to Margaritaville.

COMMENT: As I have said so often in the past in my 2008 book, STAYING SAFE ABROAD, there are no "safe" countries. 

Unfortunately, far too many tourists to Jamaica never visit the below website to seek out FREE travel guidance from the experts:

Actually, in Jamaica, where the US Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), has classified the criminal threat as "Critical," on its four-tier threat categorization system of "Critical, High, Medium and Low," with "Critical" being the highest threat level.

Mascarenhas told the STAR that he "felt safe in Ocho Rios near tourist hotels."

Recalling his beating and robbery, the American noticed four men walking near him who suddenly pushed him to the ground. He then noticed that as he fell that he was also bleeding and at that point felt as if "he was afraid for my life...I thought I was going to die...I thought they were going to get a knife and cut me up!" 

Severely outnumbered, Mascarenhas told the assailants to take what they wanted while begging for his life. 

"They took my Apple Mac laptop and the bag that it was in...took my Samsung Galaxy S4 wallet with all the cards that were in it...all my possessions were taken except the keys to my guest house," he said. 

Although Ocho Rios police were summoned, it is very unlikely that Mascarenhas' valuables will ever be returned to him, considering that most tourists in Jamaica are viewed with disdain.
Though he would like his belongings returned, he had some advice for the fellow tourists and the Jamaican government:

"I would inform people that these things can happen, and that we need to be cautious in how you [travel]. I would have immediately put myself in a taxi,"Mascarenhas said. 

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