Thursday, May 29, 2014

Jamaica: Update--Tourist, 26, Miscalculates Distance While Cliff Diving, Hits Rocks, Dies

According to Canada's National Post,  Canadian tourist Taylor Rankine, 26, was not an intentional suicide as initially reported, but an apparent and lethal miscalculation positioning while cliff diving in Negril.

Tragically, Rankine seriously miscalculated cliff diving after jumping off seaside cliffs in a Negril, and hitting coastal rocks rather than deep water on Tuesday (May 27).  

COMMENT: It is unknown as to how many foreign tourists die or are seriously injured annually while cliff-diving, although I was able to find our readers a link to a foreign traveler who was severely injured while cliff-diving:

Hopefully, an autopsy will be performed on the young Canadian's body to determine whether he had been drinking, as having a clear head seems essential in any high-risk activity.

The Jamaica Constabulary Force determined that the lad was from Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Investigators in the tourist town of Negril said Rankine apparently was aiming to land in the sea on Tuesday when he jumped from coastal cliffs. He was among a group of companions.

Negril is well-known for cliff jumping and diving. Some tourist businesses built alongside rocky cliffs market themselves with images of vacationers hurling themselves off 40-foot drops into crystal waters below.

It was not immediately clear if Rankine jumped at a resort property or hiked to other rocky cliffs that fringe Negril’s famed west end.