Friday, May 2, 2014

Malaysia: Update--Murder Trial in 2011 Death of Frenchwoman, 30, Defendant Takes Stand

According to Malaysia-based The Star, Asni Omar, 39, told the High Court here that while he did not want murdered French tourist Stephanie Foray, 30 [in 2011] to stay at his home, he never urged her to leave.

He told the court that Foray had told him she wanted to experience living in a village even though Asni had voiced his disagreement. 

COMMENT: As many of our readers know, I have said so often over the years that many young adults fail to have a cautious or even a suspicious nature of strangers and assume that all people are well-intentioned, which, of course, couldn't be further from reality.

Inasmuch as so many young adults are not well-traveled, or fail to have a suspicious instinct, victim-precipitated violent crimes very often occur.

Asni is charged with murdering Foray at an unnumbered house in Kampung Tekek, Pulau Tioman, during 2000 hours on May 10 and noon on May 12, 2011.

During his testimony from the witness stand on Tuesday, Asni said that he had taken Foray to Taman Laut after dinner together and left her there.

Omar told the the Court that the reason he had wanted to leave quickly was to return home to call his girlfriend, Monaliza Yaakob.

I continue to be puzzled as to why so many defendants facing life in prison feel compelled to testify in their own defense and be subjected to cross-examination.

When Deputy Prosecutor Salim Soib Hamid asked Asni why he went home to call his girlfriend when he had a mobile phone, the defendant said that he and Monaliza usually talked for an hour or more and often had conversations not meant for others to overhear.

Asked about the sling bag that Foray carried, Asni said it could be the one found at his home.

He also denied that he had destroyed Foray’s camera because it contained photographs of him.

He also insisted that there were no bloodstains on the walls of his home.

Asni denied a flurry of questions suggesting that police had taken swabs of the bloodstains in front of him, saying that he never observed the swabbing.

The trial continues Monday (May 5).

This report will be updated as new information is received.