Sunday, May 25, 2014

Massachusetts: US Coast Guard, US Navy Finds UK-Registered "Cheeki Rafiki" Off New England Coastline

According to The Associated Press, the family of the skipper of a 39-foot (12 meters) British yacht found upturned in the sea a week after it went missing said Saturday (May 24) they are shocked and saddened after the vessel's life raft was found unused.

Britain's Foreign Office said it has decided to recall a Royal Air Force (RAF) plane which had been due to search for the "Cheeki Rafiki" four missing crew members for one more day, after the US Coast Guard also called off its search.

COMMENT: A helicopter spotted the overturned hull of the 39-foot (12-meter) yacht roughly 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) off the coast of Massachusetts on Friday (May 23), days after the crew reported trouble and disappeared on May 16.

Underwater images captured by a Navy swimmer showed the raft was still stowed in its storage space, indicating that there is almost no chance of finding the four missing sailors alive.

The crew members, including skipper Andrew Bridges, 22, and James Male, 23, Steve Warren, 52, and Paul Goslin, 56, have requested privacy.
The " Cheeki Rafiki" had been returning to England from a regatta in Antigua. US Coast Guard officials said extreme sea conditions at the time of the distress call put the crew's estimated survival time at 20 hours.

A Navy swimmer found the boat's cabin completely flooded and its windows shattered after the life raft remained stowed in its container.