Thursday, May 1, 2014

Montana: Update--Questions Speculate As To Why US Homeowner Shot, Killed Unarmed HS Student, 17, So Many Times

According to The Associated Press, the 46-year-old father of a 17-year-old German exchange student, the latter of whom was attending Missoula High School, was shot and killed four times with a shotgun on Sunday (April 27).

Tragically, the grieving father, Celal Dede, understandably criticized the US gun culture in the US, according to Dpa, the German news agency.

Mr. Dede arrived in Missoula earlier this week to arrange for the transportation of his son, Diren, back home to Turkey where the young man will be buried, considering his parents are German-Turkish immigrants.

COMMENT: What has not yet been fully explained is why the homeowner, Markus Kaarma, failed to confirm that an ARMED adversary was in his garage before killing the high school student.

"I didn't think for one night that everyone here can kill somebody just because that person entered his backyard," Dede said.

The father was quoted as saying that he never would have agreed to let his son attend school in the US if he had known how violent America can be. 

Having served as an NRA firearms instructor for many years, I find it disturbing that so many gun owners are more concerned with knowing when to shoot than with knowing when NOT to shoot.

As we have seen so often in the Oscar Pistouris murder trial, firearms training, or the lack thereof, seems to dwell more on discharging multiple rounds in quick succession rather than focusing on a well-placed and safely discharged round.

Markus Kaarma now faces a charge of deliberate homicide that he could pay dearly for.

It is not clear what the teen was doing in the garage. Prosecutors allege Kaarma shot into his garage without warning after Dede tripped an alarm sensor.