Tuesday, May 27, 2014

New York City: Youth, 19, Taunted By Intoxicated Swiss Citizen, Engages Him, Causing Him to Fall, Die

According to http://www.gothamist.com, Brownie López-Hidalgo, 19, surrendered himself to the 48th Precinct at 1700 hours on Sunday (May 26).

López-Hidalgo has been charged with assault in the death of Swiss resident, Oliver D'Orio, although it should be noted that D'Orio taunted López-Hildalgo, who was intoxicated at the time. 

COMMENT: D'Orio, a Switzerland resident who was visiting his girlfriend in NYC for the last ten days, was punched in the face around 1210 hours on Saturday (May 25) in front of the Guerrero Bodega on Washington Avenue and East 184th Street. 

D'Orio hit his head on the sidewalk, immediately lost consciousness and later died.

When arraigned, one can only hope that López-Hildalgo, will be given some consideration in that D'Orio was severely intoxicated at the time he was begging and taunting López-Hidalgo.

Additionally, another facet that may help López-Hidalgo is the fact that he willingly surrendered himself to police.

The downside of  López-Hidalgo's youth and lack of experience is that he failed to simply walk away from D'Orio knowing that one can never use logic in communicating with an intoxicated individual.

Witnesses say that D'Orio appeared to be drunk that night and approached various customers at the bodega—including the assailant—asking for alcohol when the incident happened.

According to witnesses, bodega cashier Julio Minier told THE NEW YORK POST: "[D'Orio] was pestering [the suspect], saying, 'Buy me a beer, buy me a beer,'" said.

"They came out onto the street and when the fight started López-Hidalgo punched D'Orio with an open hand. The man went down. I knew he was dead when he hit the ground, " said Minier.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available.