Saturday, May 31, 2014

Perú: Prisons Block Wifi, Mobile Phones to Suppress Crime within the Walls of Penal Facilities

According to The Peruvian Times, the government has set up systems to block the use of mobile phones in prisons, in an attempt to prevent inmates from perpetrating crimes from behind bars, state news agency Andina reported. 

The Interior Ministry said that the systems, which also block WiFi, have been installed in the El Milagro Prison in the northern city of Trujillo and the Picsi Prison, also located on the north coast in the city of Chiclayo.

Authorities said that the systems would help prevent prisoners from organizing crimes on the outside, by leading rings to commit extortion, kidnappings and robberies. 

COMMENT: “These are concrete steps that we in the executive branch are committed to executing how crimes within the walls of penal facilities are endeavoring to guarantee citizen safety." 

President Humala, a former military officer, came to office in 2011 with promises to improve security in the Andean nation. 

Even though Perú is relatively safe compared to other nations in Latin America, the region still has one of the highest homicide rate in the world.

The perception that crime is rampant and that Humala’s government has done little to tackle the issue has contributed to the President’s approval rating declining sharply over the last year.