Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Thailand: Two IEDs Rock Haadyai, Ten Injured, 35 Vehicles

According to The Bangkok Post, two IEDs detonated Haadyai in Thailand's south, leaving at least ten people injured and damaging at least 35 vehicles.

FYI: Haadyai is one of the largest cities in the South with a population of 200,000.

One IED detonated at 1345 hours in front of a 7-Eleven convenience store on Ponpichai Road and a second opposite the Haadyai police station 10 minutes later.

A third IED was found near the entrance to apartments inside Prince of Songkhla Hospital and was rendered-safe by authorities. 

The first IED was reportedly placed on a motorcycle in front of the convenience store, opposite a technology college. Seven people were injured and damaged five other motorcycles. 

The second device detonated in the parking lot of a local police station nearby, wounding three people, including two policemen standing in the compound. The explosion also sparked off a series of blasts from nearby gas tanks and set cars on fire. 

At least 35 vehicles were damaged by the detonations. 

COMMENT: For a primer on Islamic terrorism in the South, see:

Those wounded were taken to the Haadyai Hospital, where six were given outpatient treatment.  

Four victims were kept overnight for observation, but hospital officials said they were stable.

Haadyai, which is a two-hour drive from Malaysia’s northern border, is popular with Malaysian and Singaporean tourists, mostly shoppers in search of bargains.

A car-bomb in the parking garage of a hotel in 2012 killed three people, including two Malaysians. The incident wounded hundreds. 

Four Malaysians were also among five people killed and over 90 people injured when three IEDs detonated near the Merlin and Parkson hotels in Golok in 2010.

During Christmas season 2013, the Thai border towns of Danok, Padang Besar and Sadao were also rocked by bombings, leaving a horrifying trail of mangled metal and burning vehicles.