Monday, May 12, 2014

UK: US Tourist, 60, Falls From Cliff into Sea, Need for Lifeboat Assignment at Ballycastle Identified

According to, a reportedly US tourist, age 60, had been walking near Kenbane Head in Ballycastle when he slipped and fell in to the sea from a cliff on Saturday (May 10) into the water below. 

An prompt search and rescue operation of the area involving the RNLI (Royal National Lifeboat Institution), a non-profit, and other multi-agency first responders in the area acted quickly at approximately 1100 hours. 

Local officials expressed a need for a lifeboat being assigned at Ballycastle as it took the lifeboat crew an hour to reach the victim.

The Red Bay lifeboat crew located the man in the sea about a quarter of a mile offshore. 

COMMENT: Having managed this blog for several years now, I must respectfully urge older travelers to be cognizant of the onset of arthritis, joint-related ailments that effect agility and even being overweight, which is why I urge all seniors to consider walking with others.

The victim, tragically, was airlifted by helicopter to Causeway Hospital, yet it was later confirmed that the man had died.

Councillor Padraig Pearse McShane called for a lifeboat to be stationed in Ballycastle simply because of the volume of emergency response issues that arise between Rathlin Island and Scotland to Ballycastle. 

"Any coverage from lifeboats must come from Portrush or Cushendall which do an excellent job, but both are 45 minutes away from our position, and that's assuming the weather is good," McShane said.