Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Argentina: Why Has the Government NOT Sabotaged 1,400 Landing Strips in Santiago del Estero?

According to The Latin American Tribune, federal authorities have identified 1,400 clandestine landing strips used by drug traffickers to transport illicit drugs into northern Argentina, Security Secretary Sergio Berni said on Monday (June 16).

Interestingly, all of these 1,400 landing strips function in one province: Santiago del Estero! 

COMMENT: If 4,000 drug traffickers were arrested in Argentina in the last year, have no filed flight plans and 225,000 kilos of marijuana and 20,000 kilos of cocaine are produced, why haven't the landing strips been destroyed by the Argentine government and rendered unusable by traffickers?

The solution has nothing to do with passing a law to down drug flights, which I completely disagree with.

If the Argentine government has no understanding of how to sabotage illegal runways, I do!