Friday, June 13, 2014

Arizona: German Tourist, 43, Capsizes in Kayak, Dies Near Badger Rapids, Third Fatality in a Week

According to Reuters, German tourist Hans Uhl, 43, was on the first day of a commercial rafting trip on Wednesday (June 11) when he was unable to right himself after his kayak capsized  on a section of the Colorado River called Badger Rapids. 

When first responders first reached Uhl, he was initially responsive, officials said. Yet, he soon lost consciousness and efforts to resuscitate him by members of his group and park service medical personnel were unsuccessful.  

Mr. Uhl was the second German citizen to die in Arizona's Grand Canyon National Park this week.

COMMENT:  If there is any observation that I can make to travelers it is to ensure that they RECREATE IN GROUPS, particularly when traveling through turbulent water.

It was the third death of a visitor to the park in just over a week: a Seattle woman died on June 3 from an apparent allergic reaction while on a rafting trip. 

The crimson-hued Grand Canyon ranks as one of the world's most popular outdoor tourist venues, attracting more than four million visitors each year.

There have been eight deaths at the Grand Canyon this year, including four people killed in car crashes or falls from ledges, officials said. 

Typically, an average of 12 people die annually at the Grand Canyon.