Monday, June 16, 2014

Australia: Chinese Crime Victim Bruised in Face, Eye Socket After Being Robbed in Perth

According to The West Australian,  a Hong Kong woman, 31, who had just arrived in Perth was assaulted by  a mugger stole her shopping bag.

The victim was walking across from the Esplanade Bus Port around 1745 hours on Sunday (June 1) when a man approached her and engaged her in conversation on the corner of William Street and Mounts Bay Road, before walking with her west along Mounts Bay Road.

A police spokeswoman said the assailant then seriously assaulted her before stealing her shopping bag and fleeing on foot along Mounts Bay Road.

COMMENT: For the benefit of our readers, Australia does have a national crime victim compensation program for visitors or residents who incur medical expenses in conjunction with criminal activity.

The victim received severe bruising and swelling to her eye and fractures to her eye socket and was treated for her injuries at the hospital.

The assailant is described as being fair-skinned, around 30 years old, 165 to 170cm tall, with short blond hair, dark streaks and a ‘rat tail’ at the back. He was wearing a denim style jacket with no sleeves and a T-shirt.

Anyone who may have witnessed the incident, or knows the identity of the perpetrator is asked to call Crime Stoppers on 1 800 333 000.