Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Belize: Japanese Tourist Not Only Robbed, But Beaten Unconscious by His Assailant

According to, Japanese tourist, Agari Shohei, age unknown, was reportedly robbed and rendered unconscious by his assailant on Wednesday (June 25) in Belize City. 

Despite the "cuddly" website name, I would not describe Belize as a "touchy-feely"  destination.

To make matters worse, Shohei was not only robbed on Tigris Street in the city's largest, as if that isn't sufficient insult, but the assailant also knocked the tourist unconscious.

COMMENT: For those of our readers who may be surprised, Belize City as been classified as "High-Threat," by the US Department of State's Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), for some years now.

I strongly encourage all visitors to Belize to anticipate being victimized unless their personal security awareness is particularly well-honed.

This really should come as no surprise, as the per capita income in Belize City is US$8,800, which in most developed nations is still at the poverty level. 

Although there are countless on-line websites that encourage foreigners to relocate to Belize, knowing the country as well as I do, LIVING there is much, much different than visiting Belize, and not necessarily for the better.