Monday, June 16, 2014

Brazil: Attempted Rape of US Tourist, 24, While Attending FIFA in Cuiaba Reportedly Unsuccessful

According to CBS News, police in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso are investigating the attempted rape of a US woman, 24, on Friday night (June 13) in the Cuiaba that hosted the World Cup soccer match between Australia and Chile. 

The victim told police she was sleeping in the house of someone she met at a party held to celebrate Chile’s victory at the World Cup games when she suddenly awoke with a man on top of her. 

Her screams woke up her boyfriend who was sleeping nearby, and scared away the alleged assailant.

Police said several representatives of the US Embassy accompanied the victim to a local hospital where she was treated.

COMMENT: My suggestion is that those using their homes for housing during the Games take precautions to ensure that would-be intruders are prevented from gaining access to such dwellings.

A forensic exam of the victim revealed that a rape had actually not been culminated, although police were awaiting a crime scene search.

In the wake of this incident and the rape and kidnapping of a foreign student in Rio in April, Brazil is taking more precautionary measures to ramp up security during the World Cup, with about 100,000 police patrolling twelve host cities augmented by nearly 60,000 soldiers.