Thursday, June 12, 2014

Brazil: Update--Metro Strike Averted in Rio, Jury Still Out on São Paulo, Suggest Traveling Light

According to The Latin American Tribune, Rio de Janeiro metro employees have reportedly accepted a salary hike proposal offered by management and cancelled the strike they had threatened to call on the eve of the inaugural match of the 2014 soccer World Cup being hosted by Brazil, labor leaders said on Wednesday (June 11).

That being said, the threat of a metro workers’ strike remains uncertain in São Paulo, where the opening match of FIFA will begin today (June 12) with the match between Brazil and Croatia.

COMMENT: In Rio de Janeiro, workers rejected the strike by just eight votes at an assembly held Tuesday (June 10) evening at the headquarters of the Rio de Janeiro Metro Workers Union.

The latest proposal by public transport workers was for an 8% pay hike and was approved, despite the fact that the workers initially had demanded 15%.

The decision ostensibly means that the Rio metro will function normally during the World Cup.

Regarding São Paulo, where metro workers are also engaged in a salary dispute, union members will decide whether or not they will stage a strike starting today (January 12).

Given the tenuous nature of a potential strike in São Paulo, I continue to urge foreign travelers to carry only luggage they can manage under their own steam.