Friday, June 20, 2014

Brazil/Costa Rica: Costa Rican Politician Reportedly Implicated in Pedofilia While in Natal

According to Inside Costa Rica, a 56-year-old Costa Rican with the surname, Ulate, politician reportedly was arrested in the city of Natal on June 19, for having sex with a 16-year-old transvestite.

The implicated politician is a provincial delegate to the Costa Rican National Assembly and allegedly Citizen Action Party (PAC) Olger Ulate Ulate.
“If it is indeed Ulate, he has won the repudiation of the party,” said PAC president Olivier Pérez.

COMMENT: The Costa Rican Embassy in Brazil confirmed that a 56-year-old man surnamed Ulate was arrested for child sexual exploitation and is receiving consular assistance.

According to initial reports, Ulate was arrested after reporting to Tourism Police that he had been robbed of $1,500, an iPhone and his passport.  Apparently Ulate led police to the minor as the suspect in the matter.

The 16-year-old minor, who is a transvestite, told police that she was a prostitute and that Ulate, who was intoxicated, refused to pay her after having sex, and threatened to accuse her of robbery to police.

The minor apparently admitted to stealing Ulate’s cash and belongings after he refused to pay about $200 after she and she and a 32-year-old woman performed sex acts. Police were able to recover Ulate’s belongings.  

Ulate claims he was unaware that the prostitute was underage and was released from custody, but authorities say the charges are “very serious” and carry a penalty of between four-and-ten years in prison.

Updated information suggests that the arrestee will remain in police custody.

The minor responsible has reportedly been released after admitting to the theft of Ulate’s cash and possessions.

The arrest photo of the alleged Costa Rican politician is as follows:


This report will be updated as new information becomes available.