Thursday, June 5, 2014

Canada: New Brunswick Shooting Kills Three RCMP Officers Shot, Killed, Two Others Injured in Moncton, Population 69,000

According to The Associated Press, three police officers were shot and killed dead and two others injured on Wednesday (June 4) in a rare case of gun violence in the east coast Canadian province of New Brunswick, officials said. Authorities continue to search for a suspect.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Constable Damien Theriault said police responded to a call Wednesday about a gunmen in the north end of the city of Moncton at 1930 hours. Three of the officers were killed and two others sustained non-life threatening injuries and were in stable condition.

"We are still actively looking for the shooter," Theriault said. "He is believed to still be in the Pinehurst subdivision area of Moncton. We are urging people in that area to stay inside and lock their doors and for people to say away from that area." 

COMMENT: As I have said all to often in the past, "there are no 'safe' countries on Earth, largely because of the wide range of unchecked seriously mentally ill persons who walk free amongst us and the wide range of extreme emotions that we are all subject to experiencing during our lives in free societies."

Police said they were looking for Justin Bourque, 24, of Moncton, some 95 miles (150 kilometers) northeast of the capital of St. John, New Brunswick. The police force tweeted an image of a suspect wearing military camouflage and wielding two shoulder weapons.

Police had a number of roads in the city blocked off and traffic was backed up on major arteries across the city.

Moncton Mayor George LeBlanc urged all residents to pay strict attention to the RCMP warnings.

Four RCMP officers were shot and killed in the western Canadian province of Alberta in 2005 in the deadliest attack on Canadian police officers in 120 years. They had been investigating a farm in Mayerthrope, a small hamlet in Alberta when a man shot them before he was killed.

Canadian Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney tweeted that he was "shocked by the tragedy" and that his thoughts and prayers were with RCMP officers.

This report will be updated as new information becomes available if and when the shooter is taken into custody or killed.