Monday, June 23, 2014

Canada: Update--Three Escaped Prisoners Recaptured at Montréal Condo, Future Escapes Very Unlikely

According to The Huffington Post Canada, enhanced prisoner protocols will no doubt be the order of the day after three prisoners were captured on Sunday (June 22) after fleeing Québec City in a helicopter.

The trio, who were arrested on Sunday in Montréal, appeared before a judge in Québec City earlier today (June 23) under very enhanced  security protocols.

Each was shackled and were brought to court from the suburban Orsainville detention center in separate convoys of police vehicles.

The public and journalists were searched before being allowed into the courtroom.

COMMENT: The judge charged the trio with escaping lawful custody and prison breach.

Yves Denis, Denis Lefebvre and Serge Pomerleau broke out of jail on June 7, and were the subject of an international manhunt. 

The three were arrested on Sunday (June 22) at a luxury condo in Montréal in an early morning raid by a Québec provincial police SWAT team.

The men had grown beards and appeared tired when they appeared in court.

The Québec government has ordered an internal investigation into the jailbreak, the second by helicopter in just over a year.

Two inmates fled the St-Jerome detention center by helicopter in March 2013, but were quickly recaptured.