Friday, June 27, 2014

Costa Rica/Brazil: Update--Politician Who Engaged in Sex with Transvestite, 16, Should View Life Over

According to San José's Tico Times, Olger Ulate Ulate, 55, a Costa Rican, was arrested in Brazil last week for allegedly having sex with a 16-year-old Brazilian transvestite prostitute, was released, although he has been instructed not to leave Brazil, as his prosecution is still pending.

Costa Rica’s ambassador in Brazil, Víctor Monge Chacón, said he contacted the Brazilian Tourist Police, who confirmed Ulate’s restricted release. 

COMMENT: What is most unsettling is that very few pedophiles have the capacity to modify their proclivities. Hence, one can only hope that Costa Rican authorities thoroughly investigate what minors Ulate may have victimized at home. The numbers could potentially be significant.

According to Ambassador Chacón, Ulate has made no requests to meet with Costa Rican diplomatic officials.

Fortunately, it could be years before the alleged pedophile returns to his native homeland. 

Ulate, a member of Costa Rica's ruling Citizens Action Party, are unknown since leaving the Natal police station.

“Ulate was released, although the court prohibited him from leaving the country until his prosecution is concluded,” Monge said. Ulate’s passport was confiscated; it currently remains in the evidence room at  a police precinct.

Ulate, who traveled to Brazil to attend the FIFA World Cup, was arrested on June 18 after being charged with soliciting sex from a minor. If found guilty he could face up to 10 years in prison according to local law.

He was taken into custody after he filed a report with local Tourism Police claiming that two prostitutes had stolen his passport, $1,500 in cash and a smartphone from his hotel room.

The minor transvestite admitted taking Ulate's belongings, but claimed the politician had refused to pay 400 reals ($180) for sexual services. The minor was charged with theft, but was released after giving a statement to police.