Thursday, June 19, 2014

Cuba: Update--Alan Gross' Mother Passes Away at 92, Never Having Seen Her Son Before She Died

According to The Latin American Tribune, the mother of Alan Gross, Evelyn, 92, the US government subcontractor now serving a 15-year sentence in Cuba on a conviction for subversion, died on Wednesday (June 18).

Mrs. Gross died in Plano, TX, after a years-long battle against lung cancer, the family said in a statement.

She was diagnosed a few months after her son’s December 2009 arrest in Cuba.

Alan Gross, now 64, traveled to Cuba on behalf of a Maryland company that won a contract from the US Agency for International Development (USAID) to expand Internet access and the flow of information on the Communist-ruled island.

“Evelyn Gross’s last wish was to see her son before she died. Cuban officials refused to give Alan a humanitarian furlough to visit his mother, despite repeated pleas and the certainty that she was dying,” the family said.

Havana charged Alan Gross with illegally aiding dissidents and inciting subversion.

COMMENT: For those unfamiliar with Alan Gross' plight, he was conned by USAID and its institutional contractor, Development Alternatives, Inc., into thinking that USAID would look after his BEST interests. He was so wrong.
Gross’ health has suffered greatly since he was imprisoned in Havana in 2009. In April, he mounted a hunger strike in hopes of putting pressure on the US and Cuban governments to reach an accord for his release, to no avail.

“I am extremely worried that now Alan will give up all hope of ever coming home and do something drastic. Surely, there must be something President Obama can do to secure Alan’s immediate release,” his wife, Judy, recently said.

Havana had suggested an exchange of Gross for three Cuban intelligence agents serving time in US penal facilities, yet Washington fervently refused the deal on the basis that Alan Gross be released without conditions.

Unfortunately, what Alan Gross failed to do was to believe that the US Government would do the right thing and not place Alan in Harm's Way, which they did...and then some. 

Alan couldn't have been more wrong in believing that Washington wouldn't lie to him.

As a result, Alan will be released from his 15-year prison term when he is approaching 80 years of age, providing he lives that long and doesn't take his own life, either of which are a real potentiality.